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Hi! Let me tell you my story:

Let's say that I am... Hmmm... From a problematic family.

The thing is, because of some weird stuff, I have to eat souls to stay alive. Four pieces of souls everyday.

It sounds kinda evil, I know, but actually I'm not that way. I don´t like hurting people and being the monster and things like that. So I had to be creative. Thats why I created The Greatest Show.

It is such an incredible show that people are willing to pay with their lifes to watch it. I give people a good show and, in exchange, they give me their soul. 


It's totally fair.

Having a show like this is not easy, the key is to keep the mystery.

No matter how incredible it is, if people knew how it goes, they would not pay the price.


Click or Spacebar to keep talking

Green and Red buttons to let people go in or not

Click on the arrows to change the camera view


Alberto Egea

Guillermo Pitarque

Fran Vadillo

AuthorFran Vadillo
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 44
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

Extract the files and execute TheGreatestShow.exe


TheGreatestShow.zip 31 MB

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